Friday, November 28, 2008


Since i da lama xtulis blog,mcm terasa semacam pulak...well,br2 ni hidup i mcm bosan gler je...duk umah besarkan BONTOT je..xda keje lain..spm da start nex year tapi xstudy2 lagi..mcm sial je...nk jadi engineer tapi malsa belajar..haha pelik...well,kadang kuar jugak..main jam ngan kawan2,duk umah atuk i...haha bosan kan?? tp this sunday i pg port dickson...harap best la jugak..hmmm

Friday, November 21, 2008

Miss my brother..

Intro:i have 2 bro and 2 younger sister,that make me im the middle one...haha lol (not in the picture)

When i was in form brother start to graduate himself at university shah alam..he got a diploma and degree in his hand,study civil engineering for 4 years...i dunno why now im thinking of him so much,he has been a good brother for me,sometime teach me,giving an advise if i do some mistaken...he the only members of my family that i admire..dia penyayang and always take care of my younger sister..if there is a problem in my family he the only one who take care of..

Now he at sabah,taking a railway track engineering job,rm2500+ a month..that was really good start for working with company named Hikmat Asia...but 1 thing for sure everything change since he moved to family relationship getting worse as time house feel like empty quiet...sometime make me sad to think about it,but well..i must be strong...abg i yang kedua xberapa ckp sangat with my family tp if his friend boleh pulak..dia pelik jugak..macaam da graduate kerja chemical engineering kat kuantan...harap my bro bleh balik cpt from sabah...i miss u bro..i really do..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Charming words

im just so fed up with your attitude,
your very bad attitude,
you know i love you,
i give you my love,
with all my heart,
isn't that enough?

Am i not good enough,
to be your special someone,
to be the one that could hold your hand,
hug you everyday,
and kiss you everytime we meet,
i hope to be the one, the ONE.

you told me you love me,and you're to jealous,
when seeing me hanging with my guy friends,
but, BUT when i went to spend my day with you,
you just BLEW me away,you ignore me,
ran away when im right beside you,
i suddenly felt stupid there,
stupid to love someone,
that doesn't even care about me.

i miss you my darling,
everyday i think about our first day,
the very first day,
i have a crazy happy day,
hanging out with you,

i thought we could be,
more than just friends,
but i was wrong,
that was just MEMORIES...

so if u fed up with ur bf or gf just send this words...haha 100% break up..

My lovely Club Tarian ..

Once upon the time,ehem2 beg my pardon...haha sejak i masuk form4 mcm2 benda happen in my life...whole things are subject are getting more difficult that i think it i make decision to join 1 club that can make me more enjoyable and prevent my head from explode...haha so dun be suprise that im joining the.......tadaaaaaaaaaaaa

TARIAN CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oink oink~~

since then many people asking me are u STRAIGHT??????? lol i think they are the idiot one..c'mon!!!!!!!! Dancing is so relaxing enjoyable Funn Can make more friends!!!!!!!!! And not to forget it can make u SLIMMMMM.. (awesome isnt it??)

The audition make me feel so shocked when 1st time i step in i have been chosen 1....zzzz
so,since then i feel so happy i get so many certificate..hahaha i so glad...BANGGA!!!!!!!!
my school competition end up untill National state and get 3rd and other dancer make a money to whereby we do many performences at FAMOUS HOTEL U KNOW!!!!!!!!!! p/s: last time i got paid only just rm20!! WTF...anyway thx also to Pn.R (the hottest person that like jordan sparks always) for being our manager haha..btw she is our physics teacher,damn i also dun believe it... so join this club makes my life to get sosiolize with other people and try to communicate each all my partner and my only love one thx for being there for me..u all so sweet..uhuk,sobs,i think im gonna cry....uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! But im serious..Grr

Hari Raya...

Haha so hari rayaku berlaku dengan indah sekali...ramai kawan-kawanku (TARIAN JE) datang ke rumah terbuka aku kawan mama aku dan saudara mara aku...
Awal2 pagi aku bangn gosok gigi pergi melihat keadaan di dapur...kelihatan mama dan mak saudaraku aku tengah bersiap untuk menjamu makanan di atas meja...pelbagai makanan dihidangkan mcm buah buahan,laksa,ayam,rendang and mcm2 lagi ah...rasanya rumah terbuka tahun inilah paling meriah yang ku perna adakan...kawanku yang pertama datang ialah chi kent,dia slalu ske datang awal,second aliza with baby,then rizal,kakak eicha,azie,azhary then last lynn TANNN...haha so,memandangkan this is the 1st time my friend datang umah i sejak kecil i taktaw nk buat ape so i let them main ps2 je dalam bilik,tp i already bagi dorang special package with aircond bilik i katil yang lembut haha and not forget selimut bulu2 i...haha
i xleh nk bayangkan betapa peningya nk handle when my cousin datang and my friend,haha so that day end up with mom hantar my friend bak at night and 1 thing u patut tau muka azie macam pucat giler bile nk balik sebab takut terlambat..haha...

lastly not 4forgot my band,thx sebab dorang kene ceramah kaw2 dari atuk i haha....anggap je la tu free.......susah wor nk dapat...