Friday, February 27, 2009

My ashwin

haha 24th of February is ashwin birthday..he wasn't in school on that day because he at Pulau Pinang i think..haha so after few days later finally he come to school with her face anxiously looking for guys that wanted to bonggol at the end of school during pn charanjit lesson..all people are sourrounding our class looking foward to ashwin..u should see at ashwin expression when he look outside of the class..haha ;D lastly he officially have been declare HAPPY BIRTHDAY...hehe

from left=ashwin esfan and andrew

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Valentine

VALENTINE'S DAY about my valentine,nothing much..just wishing people happy valentine,on that day i having an,
idk how suddenly cross at my mind to do this..i dropped by at sri pandi and buy flower for her,that time i with my cousin and azhary drinking for lunch,lol,...when i at the auditon,i gave her a rose flower and i really exited she accepted it..when i look in her eyes i couldnt believe how beutiful she is and i was really in love with her...*pretty lame style :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Friend i want to show some pic of my friend in early morning i da bwk camera from house tuk saje2 tangkap gambar kelas,i was thinking maybe i should do one for my blog too..if there any people who wasn't inside the pic pls tell me okie?? hehe

Yap Chi Cheng-The hardworking,smartest,helpful

Aliza-The Drama Queen

Hasvini and Santhiya-Always talk Tamil in class

Ashwin-*argh The GodFather

Nicholas-a future doctor


So our class ended like usually at 12:30 because its saturday...Woahhh