Sunday, August 30, 2009


Haha about the poll..hell yeah u win aliza....seriously bila open school i janji akan jumpa uztazah hasni and get ceramah rom her.. .hahah :D

Killing me

Haha..sry guys for not updating my blog for a long time...
Recently during holiday i just sitting at my home and fasting like hell...i guess my weight is coming fatter haha seriously...and the worst thing is i not studying at all.. :(

For some reason,i was thinking how get more concertrating in studies..i'm too lacking with entertainment right now,haha and the best thing is i'm trying to get my driving lisence :D
i guess i dreaming a lot...haha but its okay,still got time to study... :D

I believe myself i can do it and i can prove it

i trying to get my own way right now as in repairing myself forcing to praying and study and get good result for my parents...i love you guys..and for aliza,i love you so much..eventhough she is my friend but seriously if you guys mess with her,i gonna find you bitch.. <3

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello :D

Ahhh..very tiring la today,not going to,sleep.. i think i have no future already,spm around the corner,havent cover any couples of subjects yet...i think i gonna boost my energy up.. and gain imune system that have a highest level..haha,i'll show u guys how many i get for my trials..i promise gonna be in university!! i gonna prove to my parent within this 17 years they raise me,i wanna prove it i can do it.. -.-

What the buck??? I miss everyone come back to me la...ohh~~~~~~~

again again again and again

Thursday, August 13, 2009

habba habba

Kurang Bulu
Kurang Kasih Sayang

sama2 kita masuk tanjung rambutan..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ponteng class

meh aku kejar ko

shahirah is RAWR

omg..ashwin,u better have future dude

haha overall,kita kena ceramah dari pn maha...ashwin sedih gila

A growing girl

Happy Belated birthday Yazmin

sorry for the late wishes

Friday, August 7, 2009

Memo for you

I just cant live without her although we fight alot!! she's mine n always she's my syg..

Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday Boy and girl

30th July 1992

I just duduk rumah je and celebrate cake with my mom and sister..

Thanks to whom give me a birthday present and wished me..

we share the same bithday :)

Hari Derma darah

Whoa..hari ni macam gila babi kot bangun lambat gila datang sekolah dalam pukul 8:40 mcm tu,i ingat mcm i ni kat college pulak,haha anyway i datang skolah hari ni mcm blur2 sikit,xtau lak arini derma darah..then i pulak lupa nk bawak borang so i ask Giri kawan i bagi borang,then i turun ke dewan bakti,i palsukan tandatangan parents i..haha xda kerja

Then bila dah isi tu tiba2 nurse tu suruh i datang then kena check darah semua and bagi basket full of bag isi darah...i find out my darah jenis B,i kira as baik la kot..haha


*Cut the stories (to violence)


Then they treat i mcm tuan rumah,haha bagi minum percuma and makan roti banyak2..
Everythings going well..tak la mcm ashwin tu vein dia kena putus,bhahaha kesian dia..

Then masa Chemistry pulak,Mr TNB mcm check kelas dia sikit sangat pelajar and tanya kita "Ehh,mana semua orang pergi,mereka pergi derma DARA ke??" then ttbe whole class mcm senyap~~~~~~~~~~ 2 second skemudian kita semua gelak gila nk mampus,then kita merepek mcm lompat2 hantu tu la,cikgu pun buat demo sekali..SEBIJIK i ckp kat cikgu,then cikgu kenakan i balik..haha saje je cikgu tu,tapi overall best gak la,ttbe je enjoy masa chem tu...