Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Carnival sports day

Today is my penatness day...come to school and help out teacher to sell the drinks at the stall near the canteen..then kita pergi buat tarian pocong..i also dunno what that means but for sure that is mix tradisional dance..haha then i started to play basketball,a alot of fun la jgak..1st round je dah dapat masuk final lawan team rumah biru,haha..then kat dalam gimanasium lak nmpak aliza main netball..

p/s: i need to tell you,she is damn freaking expert weyh main netball..i dunno what 'C' mean but all i know is she always lari sana sini tanpa henti yo..hahah

haha..during then,i lari naik turun naik turun tuk jaga the stalls :D during finals kita kalah dgn rumah biru with 6-10 point..aduih,i rasa dapat 6 foul tapi tak masuk2 gak..haha so we get least dapat la.hhah..ming ming pun macam kira pro gak main basketball haha..thats all la..then balik kemas2 stall..profit about 200$ ;o

Then balik pulak fauzan follow me pg midvalley,makan and jalan sesat kat sana.. haha..tapi best gak la dpt hang out dgn dia..dia baik :)
Toodless :D

ohh yeah,to people who always talk behind my back..thank you so much..continue it..

Friday, July 17, 2009

About the poll

Firstly let me explain about history of poll..actually a poll is just a vote..thats all thank you
haha..can u see this poll beside the post??? it just take a few seconds for you to vote who is the hottest and the cutest between me and aliza...if you think aliza is hot please vote for her and if u think im hotter please kindly vote for far i saw the vote is currently more to the person who did it maybe press the wrong button..haha whatever la,the winner of this poll will receive ceramah from pn.hasni selama 2 if you 'berani cubalah'...*iklan REXONA

can u imagine pn hasni dalam iklan rexona?? :o kiamat siot


Call it a day =)

Wahh...just got back home today dari birthday party rumah naz,actually adik aku nk sgt pergi and i just lepak2 dgn naz je..had so much fun gak la,1st sampai kat rumah naz terus sambut candle cake,haha lepas dah tiup naz mother ttbe tanya whos b'day in this julai?? and i pun angkat la tangan dgn x malunya ramai budak2 kat situ cuma aku sorang je -.- then naz pun sampai daripd amik atikah kat skolah...ingatkan nk perform lagu dgn alypp tuk alysaa nye birthday tapi cari2 dalam internet sampai malam orang pun nk dekat balik so terpaksa cancel,actually MD yg buat kita down gila..haha..tapi dah promise next time kita buat gig sama2 xD
now i tgh penat gila..later i add la gambar masa b'day party nnti... toodles

yaz if u nk video tarian kita nah amik link ni...

just updated the video kat it and comment it..thank you

and and i miss you dear..

Thursday, July 16, 2009

believe :(

can u know how sad i'm feeling right now?? :'(
i miss you..that's all i can say..i need someone to talk to..


I wish i could be like you Alex Turner..


:[ sometime u make me sad

:D sometime u make me laugh

:] sometime u make me smile

:P sometime u like to perli me

you jaga next time ;)

Lawatan ke Giants :)

Ahhh..baru lepas mandi pkl 11 malam,xde i pergi tolong pn rema belikan air kat giant sea park with rizal,azhary and pn sarala..bila masa dalam keter pn rema pasang cd radio,MJ punya lagu.haha
then bila kat giant lak..sibuk beli air sampai 12 kotak contain 12 botols..i rasa terlalu banyak la kot..
haha,papehal i kena jaga the stalls this saturday,adoii masalah betul haha..
after pg giants tu,rizal kelaparan nk mampus then pn rema bwk kita pg makan kat grand restoran dkt pandi tuh...haha kita punya la makan byk sampai rm56 pn rema kena byr..thanks pn rema :D
then i went back to home and rest rest rest and study...this monday i having audition for prom night KJ..wish me luck :) goodnight everyone

Sunday, July 12, 2009

About me

Full Name : Muhammad Hanis Bin Abdul Rahim

Single or Taken : Taken

Sex : Male

Birthday : 30th July 1992

Sign : Leo

Siblings : 5 of them,2 brothers and 2 youngest sisters

Eye colour : Brown

Shoe Size : 7 or 8

Height : 171 cm

Country Born : Malaysia,Hospital Assunta

What are you wearing right now : boxers and Reebok shirts :D

Where do you live : Petaling Jaya,seksyen 14 but usually at night i slept at Bkt. Jalil

Any pets : nope but i will have one

Where do you work : I'm still studying at SMK Sultan Abdul Samad

Do you like to text : nope but for the loved one i text

Play an instrument : Guitar,bass

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I describe with picture :D

We had a good time
Firstly is this..

Then like this

After back home like this

Few minutes zzzzzzzzzz

You make it real..

2 minutes please..

I love you MUK...

You make my life perfect..

sekian :)

Samad Carnival

i bet you look good on the dancefloor

k.e dgn guitar LTD bajet dia tuh..haha

ikan kekek mak iloi iloi -kerol-

what u gonna do with all that junk..! -hans-


Held on 4th of band was performing that day although bila lambat nk babs perform,ramai kawan2 lama dtg and happy jgak dpt jumpa dgn class doing a great job jgak la buat counter strike tuh..that day was awesome..this is couple picture of my band and sry if xpt amik gmbar lain sebab xbwk camera...

p/s:crtd to ashman and tq amir for lend me the bass...

Friday, July 10, 2009


Move along you two bitch.. :D