Tuesday, October 6, 2009

6th October 2009

Here I am sitting on my bed and blogging about myself.... gonna be away for a while..NOOO! not for a while.. untill the SPM is finish!!! yeah .. that sound better...so yeah ... i'm taking a break and enjoying my Kit-Kat.. haha just kidding... *though its not funny,err whatever..

!@$%^&^%$#$%^%^&*(*$ (2 minutes)

Hey i'm back...yeah im sorry guy i will be away for about 3 month..muahaha hope for the this year SPM candidates goodluck for your trial and SPM.. Happy early Deepavali... " i'm aney actually" haha nvm..the night is still young and i got next year to celebrate it..hehe... whatever i'm crapping about is for under 11 year old... 11SX... take a note oh please... haha

What?? u think i'm so gay?? and i'm so childish.... head on....!!! thanks for the compliment... chow for now... have a good time everyone...bye and take careto Mr and Ms,hope to see you soon,later,dont forget to feed the dog...and please kick the king ass in the castle for me please... oh my.... thank you

your's truly
hans :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

4th October 2009

Sunday sunday evening... well, i'm here gonna talk about what happen to last few days...i got and flu and high fever... maybe now i should stand up and take couple of walks and take a deep breath... yesterday my mom bring me to the doctor and the doctor said " you got a 40 degree fever" i was like WHATTTTTT??? haha... well...today i have soat troat and it was like hell... anyways ... i got to go back study...hope you guys had a good day and goodluck for SAMADIAN trials :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

2 October 2009

Sakit tekak and selsema gila lah today...my life macam miserable gila baru-baru ni..haha i mean my aktiviti harian pun ntah ke mana...makan tak terkawal...haha macam kena bomoh la... xD
btw,today at my school ada solat hajat...everyone was like felt very semangat for spm...sadly the lecturer have urgent matter muahaha...

Others religion also praying their ownself at seperate place..exept Prab i saw him alone and dunno where to go... BM subjects has gone,next is 9 more subjects got to go.... gudluck for me ^^


your's truly

2 October 2009

The smartest

The Queen...

The Cutest!!!

They are called the DIVA's~
credit : Muhd Hanis :)