Thursday, March 25, 2010

shits happen!

sedih gila babi sangat sekarang nih. its like i don't have a real life, when i thinking of my result i can't will going anywhere, its seems like i nothing where to go! no college life, no money to eat, even i can't treat my friend to eat! i felt this was like the end of the world.

i must follow my heart, i must get to flow in life, i felt like i not good enough for her, with my life like this i cant even prove to her that i can do it anything , i need her in my life. not to say that i was giving hope to u much but what i trying to say is my life is not completely without you, i never felt in love like this before. i never been like to someone like this before, i must admit i was totally forget myself, who i am during i having SPM, i never think about myself, only think is you. i totally mess up.

now with your college life you can do anything, that is the MOST i worry about, anything can happen to you, even fall in love with others. i'm sorry if i texted i've no mood today day. i was thinking about this the whole day. i want to quit my job. i want to quit everything and start all over again but i dont know how, i totally no direction, i fucked everything up! i love you sara, i really do. i want you to be part of my life before other people take your heart.

i willing to do anything to you, i want to be a man! i want be myself! i want be everyone! but the only thing that is missing is you! i totally mess up everything, i hope u will text me if you read this, im sorry about this! i totally sad right now , i hope u understand me :'(

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